“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better or happier” - Mother Teresa

About Coffeelogue

Located in Sunter, North Jakarta, Coffeelogue is a new place to hang out and grab some drinks to inspire your life. We sell refreshing coffee, chocolate, milk tea, tea, and other signature beverages.

The word “Coffeelogue” comes from “Coffee” and “Dialogue”. Coffeelogue is here to help you have an inspiring dialogue with coffee.

Coffeelogue is born from a passion of making people happy. That’s why we always try to deliver the best product and service for everyone, and we’ll find a way to make you happier with each visit.


To become the source of inspirations for Indonesian’s society.


• Provide high quality beverages that inspires Coffeelogue’s customer.

• Provide a comfortable space for customer to chat, share stories, and find inspirations.

• Provide a comforting service for Coffeelogue’s customer.

• Provide knowledge and inspirations for Coffeelogue’s customer through stories and dialogues.